Wednesday, 17 September 2014 

Just Reading Stories About Kylie Minogue Downtown Will

1 billion)unisolar (0 million)azure dynamics (0 million)greenvolts (0,000)vestas ( million)lg chem subsidiary compact power (0 million)nordic windpower ( million)navistar ( million)satcon ( million) denotes companies that have filed for bankruptcy. just reading any stories about downtown you will clearly see that posters have a problem with anything that they try do do to make downtown safer and better so visitors will come. we live in a pluralistic, diverse society, where one bishop orreligious institution cannot presume to speak for all. Thanks uboat509 i appreciate the kind words. if not, i think he needs to Kylie Minogue draft a cb, preferrably rhodes and ol with the second or third round pick.


Saturday, 13 September 2014 

When Select Certain Population Travie Mccoy Demonize

He has his share of gripes about some of the regulations Travie Mccoy and fees he has to pay, but he ,s a committed progressive and supports obama. when you select a certain population to demonize, especially the most vulnerable and then expect it to stay there, this is not very smart because thisdemonetizationis subjective and ignores just who is the demon. what better way to sell soon-to-be outdated parts than to drop the price coincidentally, conics still sell j10s with the first gen i cpus. Obama supported the emergency bailout package in bush final months a package democratic leaders wanted to make bigger. the hell with risking injury to those that are tired and need their time off.


Monday, 08 September 2014 

Well Believe Actions School Topher Grace Board

Unless some hot frothy pictures of santorum in a Topher Grace man on dog scene surfaces). well, i believe the actions of the school board (as reported occasionally by christa) speak for themselves, esp. my first dog died in my arms the night before i was scheduled to bring him in to the vet, my second one lasted 20 years, but i still didn t want to pull the plug, the day i reached into her kennell and she couldn t even smell me i knew it was time. or boot the offender into the cooler. sometimes we can to an understanding, sometimes not, but as i listen to them now as young adults, i m gald i took the time to do what i did the way i did it.


Monday, 01 September 2014 

Well Never Doubted Queen Elizabeth What Knew Just

Posey is coming along just fine and hec in developing in sf at a nice pace. Well pop i never doubted what you knew its just my opinion. imagine mariano rivera starting for the yankees instead of closing, do you think his cutter would get bashed around by the 3rd or 4th inning with jeff karstens recovering and charlie morton out for the season with tommy john surgery, it is time for the pirates to promote a Queen Elizabeth starter from aaa. against what is arguably the worst pitching in baseball, the giants scored a total of eight runs in four games. who also killed the chemistry on a winning team at the time of the trade.


Wednesday, 27 August 2014 

Right Jon Voight Says Connection

Energyreturn energyinvested ratio of profitable by all measures, north sea gas is about a ratio of about 10ish put 1 unit of energy in, get 10 units of energy out in the form of gas. yet the right says no connection. it just emphasises the twin parallel society Jon Voight they have created and that they have no interest in, or intention of joining in with, our established traditions. heat content rising, 93% of heat content is stored in the oceans. Did nt know i was publicizing anything.


Sunday, 17 August 2014 

Great Batsman True Legend Nicole Richie Great

It is battlestar galactica, btw. he was a great batsman, a true legend and a great ambassador for the game. so yeah, there is a very real moment in which elena can make the emotional break, sire bond or not. Nicole Richie Dodo, nothing has changed in 100s of years. za drustvo su mnogo korisnije firme ciji proizvod dobro prolazi na trzistu.


Monday, 11 August 2014 

Likewise Dprk Halle Berry Where Starvation Oppression

I was born in 1956 and grew up with the following traitionalist definition of a wedding as opposed to a marriage ceremony. likewise, the dprk, where starvation, oppression, and a desperate citizenry regularly sent to gulags is the norm, as told by defectors who tell us what we want to Halle Berry hear. republicans are not going to make a comeback anytime soon because this past election outed them as liars and deceivers. the religious right wing of the republicans support jews and israel purely because of their view of the end of the world. i really like reading her restatements.


Wednesday, 30 July 2014 

Standing Alone Once When Passed Ginnifer Goodwin Below

Mankind (black, white, pink, or yellow) will use anything to tear down each other. he was standing alone once, when i passed below the hall with hasty steps, and said to me, have you learned the odes on my replying not yet, he added, if you do not learn the odes, you will not be fit Ginnifer Goodwin to converse with. and you can use the meat for kitten mcnuggets, and the fat lining for candles. i just love the bobby quotes and the duet of dead or alive. it ,s hard to find that kind of look in the entertainment industry, i can see why netizens would appreciate it so much.


Saturday, 19 July 2014 

Poll After Lucy Hale Poll Likability

I asked why does she wear so many wigs why is her skin color so much darker is this a tribute to romney latinos or the people of the middle east and what up with her new teeth the look like a transplant from either a rodent or a horse. In poll after poll his likability is in the toilet. born into slavery or poverty or wealth are all the same in your world. did require bush ,s name to be mentioned a certain number of times in every speech. i think a sc justice declaring that a decision is not mandated law and may not be used as case law and is a one-time only Lucy Hale decision is evidence of activism.


Sunday, 06 July 2014 

Otherwise Alanis Morissette Would Intellectually Dishonest

Typescript doesn ,t replace javascript, it is a superset of javascript. to do otherwise would be intellectually Alanis Morissette dishonest and no more than an exercise in self-delusion. life affirming event here- witty, brillliant, wonderful, malcontents procreating successfully, there may be a reason to have faith in humankind after all. Si los ejecutivo y emprendedores supiesen identificarlos, no los contratar an. square, stop the tom foolery, just.


Saturday, 08 March 2014 

Next Shemar Moore Year Marineland

Link for marked bruker forel pig kun web grensesnitt, men skal ta en titt p denne. see you all next year at marineland. You, jerseycowboy, are confused, as well as wrong. this article doesn ,t address that at all, and you just ate it up. i would expect the Shemar Moore same thing from any other encyclopedia, the only difference being that those encyclopedias are the bias of a single person, making it wholly just one point of view.


Wednesday, 12 February 2014 

Other Cheryl Tiegs Technologies Project Sizes

You have a remarkable case of intellectual blindness, and your Cheryl Tiegs resort to laughable attacks on me is a sign of petty mindedness and of the bankruptcy of your own positions. other technologies and project sizes get differing rates based on project development costs plus a reasonable rate of return. Naww, that little girl in the fifth picture is so cute. Saw @twilight breakingdawnpart2 last night and i was like leave-me-alone-i-am-emotional. it worked for my father, but not for my brother).


Monday, 03 February 2014 

Your Friend Gives Jason Priestley Your Coworker

When the light goes off the ldr resistance increases and the base is sort of pulled up so the transistor is turned on, the turning on of first transistor connects the base Jason Priestley on pnp to gnd, hence it also is turned on, the second group of transistors are driving the speaker. if your friend gives you up or your co-worker tells on you, thats snitchin. Matteo desante (mattie) my dear boy o)at last you have said something i agree with wholeheartedly hard work and education is the answer to a lot of our woes and social dependency. and obama who would have a health care corporation take less profit so that everyone can get medical treatment, is tending toward marx who advocated each give what he can (the corporation gives up some profit, because it can) takes as needed (individuals come to the corporations to receive medical treatment). music is the awe of mystery expressed directly without language.


Monday, 30 December 2013 

Only Knows Exact Adrian Grenier Levels Hats

But joseline has made it very clear. sir only knows the exact levels so hats off Adrian Grenier to your prediction detailed study. that the biggest takeaway from the titanic, not the fact that more first class women survived. what the hell kind of system converts everything you type into all capital letters. men kanske kan wp lyckas nd med ms pengar f r reklam.


Sunday, 15 December 2013 

Matter Kelsey Grammar Small Have

Theaircrew and observation aircraft recieved far more radiation than the ground observers but it was still an insignificiant amount. A cut is a cut no matter how small, you have to start some where how about government waste. his campaign serves only one purpose- to keep santorum away from a brokered convention. i m finding zedelghem a lot more relatable emotionally and quite touching, and i do feel like i am reading Kelsey Grammar the candid letters that someone has discovered from that era (which is the hardest thing to get right in an epistolary novel). how humiliating to be an american.


Monday, 09 December 2013 

Weddings About Kate Bosworth Only Occasion That Would

Meltdown you re talking about is nuclear. weddings are about the only occasion that i would spend a good amount of money on. i m not taking a creationist side here. at least i think they missed the spirit of the movie, which is pretty over-the-top and silly, and (i thought) enjoyably so. is very angry and wants us to kill Kate Bosworth off the neo-cons gop members who are trying to destroy america and the world.


Monday, 02 December 2013 

Will This Nick Watney Crazy Told

So many economy bears here elsewhere keep wanting to short equities on weak econ. mny will say this is crazy, but if i told the same people qe, talf tarp were coming in early 08, they would have said the same, yet here we stand. derrick, i was just talking about that. since that had Nick Watney little effect, we just decided to spend our money elsewhere. i m in the middle ground - the doctor really hates the family for what they do, and does know that he going to seriously lose it when he confronts them.


Wednesday, 20 November 2013 

Speak Jill Zarin Truth Realize

It is slick though the way this increase was put through. you speak the truth and don ,t realize how accurate you are. given Jill Zarin the chance, as long as she ,s alive, she might still have a rabbit or two left in her hat. One that usually thrown around in indie low budget circles is we tried really hard but we had a very low budget so what did you expect. when byu makes a bcs bowl or doesn t have a schedule with only 3 saturday games and one home game after the first week of october, give me a call.


Thursday, 14 November 2013 

This America Robbie McEwen Banana Republic

If he is aquitted, all the rotten bl ack racists will scream no justice, etc i am ready for the civil war. this is america, not a banana republic. You are a moderator ya Robbie McEwen know traspire will never ,ever post something like that. he already has more than enough signatures to be on the va potus ballot. we baganda (some) regret that we did not judge obote by content of his characters, as ssekabaka daudi chwa 11 had warned his young royal prince to be next king, his majesty colonel muteesa11, eddaame lya chwa.


Sunday, 10 November 2013 

Brand Stewart Challenge Graeme McDowell Ethos

B p, let Graeme McDowell see what we ve accomplished. brand stewart can t challenge his own ethos unless he wants to have his fate turned like those of his fellow celebrities who have fallen from entrainment grace. either pay income taxes or own property. Izzy, retirement accounts are not taxed. they have said they are willing to do so.


Friday, 04 October 2013 

Been Years Still Nicole Kidman Fighting

It would be funny if it wasn t so annoying. it been 40 years and we re still fighting it, why. i ve given you links that show you how they differ. but how often does it not happen you are presupposing that a female parent decide that continuing to live with the man who fathered the child who is a drunken abuser is making the wrong decision to raise the child Nicole Kidman alone. if you are a big meat eater and don ,t raise your own or buy from a local farmer, you are part of the problem.


Tuesday, 01 October 2013 

What Names These Parttime Mira Sorvino Workers

He is purposely overwhelming the u. what are the names of these part-time workers where do they live who hired them joe public will not receive these answers. jay-z words are simple and few, if you listen, they re calling to you feed bo loons, just a few lies today, a few fibs, some false facts, a few lies today, feed bo loons, that what he cries, and throughout our nation his song fills the skies. I have m y own hundred yard range at my home. you won t believe, i whisper low, the damned they Mira Sorvino now let on tv there no lack of fools, or frauds, or ghouls, but the worst you ll ever see.


Tuesday, 24 September 2013 

There Also Rise Amir Khan Ebook Which

2 gpa in your content area, and pass an oral exam. there also the rise of the e-book which you can download for a very reasonable price. in fact they were the first to go android at a time when microsoft was the only one licensing them Amir Khan an os for their mobile products. Dear fraser surely before someone is appointed as a defender of the faith, faith must be restored. you come to the table with an agenda, not defend women rights.


Friday, 20 September 2013 

Franzen Russell Crowe Inward Conflict Impossible

Bevin boys it was, of course, just pointing out the historical confusion with bevan ,s nhs. franzen inward conflict is not impossible to process he loved something difficult. Russell Crowe i m really trying hard to (civilly, disobediently) resist everything pre-scribed in life. iron cars running fast in time with it momentum and inertia physical, horse and cart onlyhad odd broken neck felled or over leg wheeled. he both consistent and has a clear motivation.


Sunday, 15 September 2013 

Seems Free Standing Miranda Cosgrove Foothills

The unions keep the majority from being beaten down into -12 per hour wages and living in corrugated metal shacks and having wood sidewalks if they are established. it seems to be free standing in the foothills, with the big behemoths lurking in the distance. you are just Miranda Cosgrove asking for trouble. stop the farm subsidies to the adms and cargills of the world. the frenchman says, mon dieu, i am tired and zirsty, i must have some wine.


Tuesday, 10 September 2013 

Live Miles Edward Norton From Coast

Vignetta epocale xd rispetto Edward Norton ad ogni societ di ogni settore dubito fortemente che la si possa definire la peggior societ d america, in ambito videoludico invece la cacca fumante pienamente meritata. and we live 40 miles from the coast. it ,s exactly the same concept. ________________________________. even though his name is napoleon.


Wednesday, 04 September 2013 

Gorski Kevin Federline Kind Need

Didn t work out in the way that they planned it, boo bloody hoo. Gorski, is the kind of guy we need to see in aaa before predicting ceilings. put in a Kevin Federline good offseason and get ready for next year. no big deal, frankly, and irrelevant to the discussion. good luck i don t think he will be able to evangelize lsu with the above agenda.


Saturday, 31 August 2013 

Would Mistaken Think Marilyn Manson That Fall

Each syrian place has its own features. one would be mistaken to think that the fall of the al-assad regime will only harm iran, for it will harm turkey and israel as well. 25 2 kafaranbel idlib ,. from start to now, as we will not know the end. regime forces shelled the rahman mosque, partially destroying it and setting a neighboring home on fire in Marilyn Manson the process.


Sunday, 25 August 2013 

Blacks Inidans Were Edward Maya Never Given Same

It turned out that they use a larger variety of tools than previously known, plucking, smoothing, and bending twigs and grass stems to procure a variety of foodstuffs. blacks and inidans were never given the same privillige as whites. so that makes about 80% of the servers that are currently active have very low Edward Maya populations. Ballot rigging is astalinist tactic. there is a lack of respect professionalism, poor pay and so forth.


Monday, 19 August 2013 

Amassed Many Losses Lewis Hamilton Forfeits Santorum

By the time i m going to bed, you re all waking up, so it perfect thank you so much for being so patient and nice. he amassed as many losses or forfeits as santorum, newt, Lewis Hamilton perry and huntsman combined the field on the iowa and n. they try to keep their liberal racism below the table. i think we paid a terrible price for health care, he told jason zengerle of new york magazine. mom in nest and babies are sleeping.


Tuesday, 13 August 2013 

Only Jack McBrayer Percent Fortune 1000 Companies

There wasn t a black marker in the entire park i ve been in the same situation before and find it understandable. only 38 percent of fortune 1000 companies who offer retiree health care benefits prefund the expense at all, and the median funding level for those organizations Jack McBrayer is 37 percent. ron paul pulls people of all political persuasions together, republican, democrat, libertarian and independent. ps i hope all my t are crossed and my i dotted for your liking. i ve known others who did the same kinds of things.


Friday, 09 August 2013 

Great Problems Have Joshua Jackson That

Ceremonies can happen with whomever or whatever, won t matter to lady liberty who stands with her blindfold on Joshua Jackson toward upholding equal protection of individuals. one of the great problems we have is that no one distinguishes between ethics which are secular and morals which are religious. here ,s how it looks headed into the weekend adele (xl columbia) 73-78k alan jackson (capitol nashville emi) 68-73k beach boys (capitol emi) 60-65k big k. when they sold us tasers it was to replace lethal force. well, regardless, i hope he turns out to be great and make the lions regret that move.


Wednesday, 24 July 2013 

Unlike Wyclef Jean Have Interest

It kills the momentum of storylines, and it makes it difficult to keep track of new episodes. i unlike you, don t have an interest in connecting priestly celibacy or catholicism with these instances of degenerate, homo ual pedophiles who shouldn t have been allowed in the priesthood to begin with if you are really concerned about abuse, don t you think you should at least entertain the possibility that these men actions are intrinsically connected to their ual tastes that were there before Wyclef Jean they became priests i don t see how you couldn t possibly see the connection to their homo uality especially considering your blanket statement on catholics. sanatorium is wasting space also. the way it played out was just the opposite. anyone who has seen a lifetime movie with nancy mckeon, melissa gilbert or meredith baxter (back when she was still birney d) knows how this story is going to end.


Saturday, 20 July 2013 

Right Swinging Thomas Gibson Towards Software Developers

Half of the fandom have thought and accepted sungjong as homo ual. right now it swinging towards software developers the have the brains and guts to make a go of it on there own. Hansard 2004 drugs bill col 207 might bring a wry smile or two. Granholm took this state to ruin Thomas Gibson with her liberal politics. .


Monday, 15 July 2013 

Tells Looking Teemu Selanne Poor

And and 560 is gf 114 while 460 was gf 104 suddenly lower part gets lower numbers again and the higher part gets higher numbers unlike Teemu Selanne the other series in the same family. he tells us he the one looking out for the poor and middle class, yet his policies are keeping people unemployed while driving up the cost of living. 2) in 1975, he graduated from harvard business school in the top 5% of his class. military personnel are not over paid but also they have great benifits. istly (made up word) enough i never considered modesty concerning my husband and son.


Sunday, 07 July 2013 

Alcalde Barceloneta Suspende David Burtka Todo

Cyclist 1 you can pry this asphalt from my David Burtka broken, dead raleigh. Al alcalde de barceloneta lo suspende de todo, aunque aun no ha sido convicto,. the one other one that stinks on the face of it is the alfonso paredes letter another practicing scientologist, who happens to be a psychiatrist at ucla. the guy is worse than jimmy carter. and i have more than a few friends who have been called to testify in much higher profile cases than mine.


Sunday, 30 June 2013 

Onoga Napisao Vidim Gael Monfils Nisi Toku

Ca, ally also has a variable savings account at 2%, as rates go up it should hit 4%. iz onoga to si napisao vidim da nisi u toku iz prve ruke, Gael Monfils al ne zameram. not having collector means you can t bench multiple basics in order to ensure at least one survives. Uconn doing extremely well lately. easily taken care of, if you want, with a single email to the right guy.


Thursday, 27 June 2013 

Sherrif Departments Have Danny DeVito Been Reduced

Naloka ako dun sa prince harry part hahaha. the sherrif departments have been reduced to serving only jails and courts. amiright - it a grim reality we live in. one day i said off-handedlly to Danny DeVito our resto druid (offspec moonkin) i think your moonkin gear is better than mine, and he piped up it is, (of course, he knew). it ,s not up on your calendar, but it says on ticketmaster and such.


Sunday, 23 June 2013 

They Have Role Play Rivers Cuomo Their

Bird don t forget the other part of the bill, it forces the people who test positive into a taxpayer funded treatment program. they do not have a role to play and their opinions are worthless until they are trained in understanding what the responsibilities of adulthood require and what is needed. what does a persons choice of uality have to do with what they invent california is a mess, no one Rivers Cuomo can seem to understand why. when anyone loads this page, a small javascript snippet gets html from disqus. che gi fa ridere di suo) di fianco a dove ha messo il simbolo del pdl non pu essere serio d a meno di essere pazzo e o del pdl ) dai, fammi illudere, voglio tornare in italia un giorno oh.


Wednesday, 19 June 2013 

Alas They Know Mick Jagger What They

Hugs if you want them, and if you d like to get in touch with adult voice for any reason in the months to come, poke me via email for contact info erica dot tesla at gmail. alas, they know not what they do. as an aside i still use chrome where i can on their site. the version from gnome3 used to hand up (looked like intel Mick Jagger gpu driver bug) and the release prints squashfs or buffer i o errors. Bury it i ,m against taking away exits, because i use them, and live right off ih-35.


Friday, 07 June 2013 

What Hell Going Wayne Brady That First

I ve just had a look at the website which is very rock roll. What in the hell is going on in that first picture that s. ikaw Wayne Brady ano ka t ae ang penoy mo economics. Ok, so a vegetarian is giving judgment on the different types of meats she never tasted. sounds like it more about cronus than you say.


Saturday, 01 June 2013 

These Things Make Player Toby Keith Dynamic

Schitterend h daar kan ik nu oprecht blij van worden. all of these things make a player dynamic. Bay looked worse yesterday than i have ever seen him. Liquor establishments are responsible for the actions of their patrons if they consumed alcohol on their premises. first portion of this operation will be to document (video photo investigative journalism) the present situation within the Toby Keith borders of kordofan blue nile starting activities as the rains start and mobility drops to zero.


Wednesday, 29 May 2013 

More Cultural German Rick Astley Than Political

Which means the advice given by the head of hhs in 05 is contradicted by a study done by the same guvt in 2007, yet, for some reason, withheld from the public. i am more a cultural german than a political german. on another note, global-warming is a hoax,,posted by barry noun1. as i have told you in the Rick Astley past, i am an accidental artist with zero actual arts education. and i am hoping the tax credits are still available so i can make ponti pay extra to the feds to offset what i would be paying.


Thursday, 09 May 2013 

Reserve Right Rose McGowan Secession

All i want for christmas nem precisa falar. We did reserve the right of secession, but it pretty complicated. do i fear him were he to become president - hell yes now, get back into your bunker. that said i concur with the rest of your post, this whole thing was a setup, a big distraction to cover their (progressive) boy obama. there seem to be Rose McGowan three challenges here that we can genuinely work on.


Saturday, 04 May 2013 

Cant Provide That Brooke Hogan Then Your Argument

Hinkins, let drug test you it nice to see that a high school education and automotive tech training at utah tech provo is enough to qualify you to judge others. if you cant provide that then your argument is as robust as that from a conservative quoting paul camerons Brooke Hogan statistics on the mortality of gay men. Oh also one other thing is i think most of these people seem to trance = melodic uplifting euphoric emotional 138 bpm -140 bpm trance. but even if i recognize the sound, how i understand the meaning anyways, waiting for more ideas. Something that is not exactly a slam-dunk.


Tuesday, 30 April 2013 

Stories Peter Billingsley Dude Blown Time Brokeass

If they screw up with this one - as you seem to think they will - then they will pay for it dearly at the next election, or sooner. no big stories dude got blown big time @brokeass lol. step 214 isn t as well suited, but thankfully step 242 will be combining both of those standards into a new mcad standard. so yea hope is good but hope without a reason n actually Peter Billingsley living ur life based on that hope is stupid. it starts with an assumption and goes looking for answers that support that assumption and if you cannot find support it is you and not the question.


Thursday, 25 April 2013 

Kris Interesting Alex Pettyfer Timing With This Post

This is because, my way of thinking is more complex, - therefore, difficult to put into generally, short terms. Kris - interesting timing with this post. no Alex Pettyfer amount of visual evidence (see, look, a very responsible-looking mom with a kid on the front and back of her bike ) that it ,s not actually a death wish has been effective so far. for our part, we re looking carefully at our fertilizer candidates () for possible entry points on a resumption of the positive trend. as a director, i d want a scarlet with a s35 sensor size and with removable lenses.


Sunday, 21 April 2013 

Solution And Albert Pujols Backup Solution Encase

They are me feiners that look to the british crown or the southern irish government or anyone, the eu, washington dc, anyone will do who they perceive as powerful, to prop them up. the solution (and backup solution, encase we screw up the primary one) are both pretty similar to each other. you deserve your own game for that. And the song choices were sooo odd, read my review on facebook, lol. as you might be aware, journalists do not usually reply to Albert Pujols comments, unless they have complex thoughts which should be addressed.


Saturday, 13 April 2013 

Said Technical Harry Belafonte Description

8 18 cats insist on being pains in the arse and attempt to break open a bag despite absence of opposing thumbs 4 18 cats weren t that keen until they were very peckish 4 18 cats weren t tempted at all and looked for unattended chicken ham slices to steal 2 18 were don t know as they were outside and returned to a licked sticky plate. i said the technical description is, we re bugered if we know. there are, i think, lots of hain people in that position. in his speech to london Harry Belafonte citizen in january, miliband told his party they had to face up to tough choices on public spending, the deficit and pay restraint. but one final observation which adds to my worry is that it is not clear who, if anyone, is worrying about finances on the executive board of the labour party.


Tuesday, 09 April 2013 

Matthew Promise Verily Verily Kim Zolciak Unto

It seems problems keep popping up on billingly rd. matthew 18 6 promise verily, verily, i say unto you, he that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation, but is passed from death unto life. john 6 47 praise the name of thus saith the lord, the redeemer of israel, and his holy one, to him whom man despiseth, to him whom Kim Zolciak the nation abhorreth, to a servant of rulers, kings shall see and arise, princes also shall worship, because of the lord that is faithful, and the holy one of israel, and he shall choose thee. whatsa matta george give you a good tongue lashing and tell you that you better get off your derri re and holler the culture club socialist mantra a little louder lol. direct democracy has consequences right across society, but most importantly in education.